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This is your home-buying team.  Each of these team members provides you with the knowledge you need to make what is likely the biggest financial investment of your life.

We take our service to you seriously.

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” – Rosalyn Carter

Additional Services

Sewer Scope

Let’s be real: sewer back-ups are both disgusting and expensive. 

A simple sewer scope will detect breaks and blockages – and, most importantly, give you peace of mind. 

Radon Testing

Radon is an naturally occuring radioactive gas. In a closed envorinment, prolonged exposure can lead to developing lung cancer. We strongly recommend having your home tested for radon.

Mold Inspection

Mold spores are everywhere, all the time. However, certain strains of mold can cause serious, even deadly reactions. Mold testing is ideal when you need documentation to support mold mitigation. 

A Solid Reputation

Read what our past clients have to say about working with Honest Home Inspection.

Alex C., Google

Alex C., Google ★★★★★ Honest did three inspections for me during my house search. I was very impressed with their thoroughness, detailed commentary, and willingness to talk over the inspection with me. I learned a lot during this experience, and felt that they...

Pam P., Google

Pam P., Google ★★★★★ Working with the team of Honest Home Inspection was a pleasure. They arrived on time, did a thorough inspection, and reviewed the report with us in detail. The report will be a guide for us as we make improvements and maintain our home. They were...

Melissa M., BBB

Melissa M., BBB ★★★★★ Chris answered so many questions and pointed things out I would have never thought of. He put me at ease when we found some things that were a big concern to me. He took the time to point out issues and also explain them so I could understand...

Hana F., Google

Hana F., Google ★★★★★ Christopher was absolutely amazing! Thorough report and inspection were definitely a huge thing! He took pictures of everything, and his online report was super user friendly, and during our Zoom call he talked over everything! When he asked if I...

Ryan O., Google

Ryan O., Google ★★★★★ Adam was fast super professional and took the time to answer any questions I had. He was thorough and took his time. I appreciate everything he did for us and would recommend them to anyone.

Erik B., Google

Erik B. ★★★★★Christopher performed a thorough Home Inspection for us on a home we intend to purchase. He was very detailed, very easy to work with and had the utmost professionalism. After he completed the home inspection, he spent time going through it with us to...

Kris H., BBB

Kris H., BBB ★★★★★ Chris took his time, and he allowed me to ask ALL my questions. Chris was friendly, VERY knowledgeable, and took his time to ensure that everything was inspected. His inspection was detailed and completely documented with pictures and results of...

Leah L., BBB

Leah L., BBB ★★★★★ Chris at Honest Home Inspection was amazing! I’m a first time home buyer, and I was terrified going into this whole process. I brought my dad with me, and Chris was fantastic in showing us what he was finding as he was finding everything. He was...

Rachael S., Google

Rachael S., Google ★★★★★ We set up a "spot inspection" with Honest Home Inspection and we were very pleased with the responsiveness of the team, the quickness that they were able to schedule the inspection, and the honest and thorough feedback we received from Chris...

Mark G., Google

Mark G., Google ★★★★★Chris is awesome to work with! He is incredibly thorough, very timely, and gave us a fantastic report on multiple homes. I'm a first time home buyer and he made the inspection process for each home so smooth and easy. I would highly recommend him...

Know Your Home

Tools To Help You Succeed

As part of our mission to help our clients succeed as homeowners, we offer a free household management service through HomeBinder, available with every inspection!

(And as part of  our promise to protect our clients’ privacy, we guarentee that HomeBinder will not sell your information!)

Our Service Areas

An Investment In Peace of Mind

We deliver top-quality service to every Client on every job.



Taking you to the service scheduler...

This selection includes single-family homes, town homes, and multi-unit houses. Pricing is based on square footage.

The square footage can be found on the property listing or by contacting your agent. IMPORTANT NOTE: FOR HOMES OVER 5,000 SQUARE FEET YOU MUST CALL OUR OFFICE FOR AN ESTIMATE

Radon is a naturally occuring radioactive gas. In a closed environment, prolonged exposure can increase the risk of developing lung cancer. A radon mitigation system typically starts at $1,500.

Let’s be real: sewer back-ups are both disgusting and expensive. A simple sewer scope will detect breaks and blockages – and, most importantly, give you peace of mind. Damaged sewer lines can be costly. Repairs range from $3,000 - $15,000 or more depending on the extent of damage.

A mold inspection is ideal when you have a known, acute health response to the presence of mold or fungus and/or if you need documentation to support mold mitigation by another party, such as a landlord or insurance company.

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Who We Are

Inspection Team
Office Team
Christopher Meis

Christopher Meis

Owner, Lead Insepector

Inspecting With Integrity

I draw on nearly 20 years of housing industry experience when inspecting your home.

For many years I owned and operated a handyman business, so I've seen the inside of thousands of homes and am very familiar with the various issues that are more common to certain vintages of homes and systems.

I hold a Home Inspection and Indoor Air Quality Certification through InterNACHI, and am a licensed Radon Measurement Provider through the State of Minnesota.

I have performed at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for over 20 years.

Adam Solko

Adam Solko

Certified Home Inspector

Diagnostics Expert

I hold a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and worked in the field for fifteen years where my job was to diagnose the tough cases.

This skill has translated well to my career in Home Inspection.

Much like the human body, a house has systems that need to work in harmony to contribute to the whole health of the home.

I hold a Home Inspection and an Indoor Air Quality Certification through InterNACHI, and am a licensed Radon Measurement Provider through the State of Minnesota.

Oh, and I also hold a Guinness World Record.


Katy Solko

Katy Solko

Customer Care

Let's Talk!

I am your first point of contact with Honest Home Inspection.

I know that home-buying can be a lot, and I'm there to make the scheduling and paper-work side of the process as stress-free as possible.

I have many years of experience in both the hospitality industry and education, and I enjoy helping folks out.

The teacher in me is always happy to answer all of your questions!

I also co-own and manage a performance troupe, Fandazzi Fire.

Theresa Meis

Theresa Meis

Office Manager

Behind the Scenes

All that stuff you don't see that makes a business run? That's what I do.

It is an honor to work with such an incredible team - every member is dedicated to service, educating our clients, and working with integrity.

I have over 15 years of experience in running a business along side my best friend and partner, Christopher. He steers the vision, I run the engine, and it's a wonderful balance!

To make up for my very solitary profession, I enjoy performing as much as possible, from dancing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with Fandazzi Fire to singing Karaoke with friends.