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Painting is something most homeowners feel they can tackle on their own. If you’ve never painted before, or you just want to get some tips from an expert, we’ll talk you through tools and technique in this week’s episode. Also: Theresa has a revelation that emphasizes the value of enunciation!


  • Brush for cutting – anywhere between 2 1/2″ – 3″ – really depends on your hand size and strength
  • Drops – plastic or canvas, but try to get at least one drop that is “paint proof” – plastic that won’t let spilled paint seep through to the floor. Accidents happen!
  • Roller frame for holding the paint roller
  • Handle for the roller frame – you can even get extendable ones that let you adjust to the amount of space you’re working in and the wall height
  • Roller – reusable or single-use. Christopher’s preferred single-use are Contractor First 3/8″ nap for most wall types.
  • Tray and tray liners
  • Paint cup – this style will save your hand a lot of pain!
  • Step stool
  • Paint tool – we said 5-in-1 but they have up to 14-in-1!!
  • Edger tool and pads


  1. Clean – wipe down walls and woodwork with TSP
  2. Spackle! (no toothpaste!)
  3. Remove all switch plates and outlet covers. Tape over switches and outlet faces for added security. Tip: tape screws to the plate so they don’t get lost!
  4. Tape – remember to tape as much as you feel necessary in order to paint with confidence.
  5. Cut around all edges, frame around outlets and switches, windows, doors, etc.
  6. Paint! Roll the paint on using the N method – from left to right you apply the paint up, diagonal down, then up again. And then you fill in right to left, and run across once more left to right!
  7. Cut again using the edger pad to ensure a good solid line. Don’t let the edging dry down too much before applying the final coat of paint or you’ll end up with a distinct line.

We’ll be doing some painting in our home soon, so we’ll try getting some video of the process to add to this page! When we get that video, we’ll post it here and to our Facebook feed!

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