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Sewer Scope

The discovery process of determining if your sewer line needs repair or replacement can happen one of two ways: the hard way or the simple way. 

The hard way typically involves sewage in the home, damage to personal property, and the cost of repairing / replacing the sewer line,  finishes, and possessions inside the home.

The simple way involves inspection via a sewer scope, takes less than half an hour, and costs $175. 

No one needs to be surprised by sewage in their home. 

We strongly recommend having your sewer line inspected. 

How Does a Sewer Scope Work?

A sewer scope camera is placed in the sewer access point in the home and run via cable through the sewer line to where it ties in to city services in the street.

What Does The Sewer Scope Look For?

The sewer scope looks for any fallen/broken sections of sewer line, invasive tree roots, or foreign objects/clogs in the line. These can all be sources of eventual sewage back-up in the home and could lead to expensive repairs.

How Much Does Sewer Line Repair Cost?

Depending on the type of sewer line and extent of damage, a full replacement costs between $4,000 – $13,000 on average.

Sewer line de-clogging and minor repair costs will vary.

We recommend contacting Ouversons for sewer service for our Twin Cities Metro clients.


“Sewage back-ups are gross.” – Everyone, ever

Sample Sewer Scope Report & Video

We partner with Drain Busters of Minnesota to provide our Sewer Scope service. Below is a sample video of what a Sewer Scope inspection looks like. You may also download the PDF to view in another app.

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