All About Ice Dams

All About Ice Dams

In this episode we tackle that seasonal foe, ice dams. We describe what causes ice dams, how to prevent and/or remove them safely, and take a look at the role your attic ventilation and insulation plays in the formation of ice dams.

We also discuss Zonolite, an insultation material used between the 1940s to mid 1980s that was found to contain asbestos.

For more information on the identification and mitigation of Zonolite, please visit:

Listener question: Shut-off valves

We go over why shut-off valves typically fail and give some recommendations for replacement

W.hat T.he F.ail: DIY spark arrestor

Don’t try to stop fire with flammable material.

Ice Dam Cause & Effect

Attic Insulation & Ventilation

Ball Valve

W.hat T.he F.ail

DIY spark arrestor made of flammable material

Factory spark arrestor made of non-flammable material