Don’t Lock People In Your Basement

Don’t Lock People In Your Basement

Don't Lock People In Your Basement

Honest Home Podcast, Season 1

This week we address safe means of egress (the means of entering and exiting a location). We were jacked up on cookie dough and exhaustion, so we cover everything from fire safety to serial killers to tapping maples to make syrup!

My Favorite Murder – one of Theresa’s favorite podcasts.

On a very serious note, we do understand that sometimes loved ones can be a flight risk, so we’re sharing a couple resources we were able to find on how to protect your loved one in the home:

Minnesota Department of Public Safety: INFORMATION SHEET 1 & 2 FAMILY DWELLINGS, CHILD & ADULT FOSTER CARE  – this information is applicable to all homes

Home Safety from the Autism Society

Home Safety from the Alzheimer’s Association

Our Producer, Tucker, checking the mics before we record.


Basement door with keyed side of deadbolt to the inside, where a person could be locked in without means of egress.

W.hat T.he F.ail

– not exactly a fail, but my mind definitely went to “serial killer”

Basement room with missing block that leads to dirt floor crawl space. Visible window is by no means a legal form of egress, especially given the height of the child recorded on the door frame.


Other side of basement room, with old windows that now look out under an addition.

Inside the room looking out, and there are the height marks for a growing child. Inside the frame of the door to the room without egress, but with a CHUD entrance… 

Bonus: Maple tapping!

Theresa posing with her implements of sap-gathering! This was our first year gathering sap, and our latest tapping ever – March 25th, 2013. We were late to the game that year, because we’d just taken a class at the Lowry Nature Center on how to tap maples!

Christopher helping 5yo Morgan strike in the tap.


Christopher helping 2.5 yo Jameson strike in the tap.


The bag and hanger system we ultimate fell in love with – a lot easier to manage!